Monday, October 31, 2005

The cold weather makes me...

Want to stay in bed until 10 am.
Want to wear a funny hat.
Miss my Italy afterglow in my San Antonio apartment.
Smoke cigarettes inside with the window cracked open.
Want to hug someone in the evening while watching TV.
Live for sunny days, even if they're like 65 degrees.

(At this point, I'll take anything.)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Four truths and a lie

In the past seven days...

- I've fulfilled my lifelong dream of seeing Oklahoma. I was not disappointed. (Pictures and stories of our recent weekend camping adventure to come very soon.)

- I've been offered to go full-time at work and I told them I'd think about it. (Although today I'm going to have the "talk" with them and tell them "yes! yes! yes!" Wish me luck.)

- I've tried on many beautiful dresses trying to find the perfect one for my cousin's wedding in Mexico this weekend. It's out there. I just know it.

- I've decided that posting via bulleted lists is a time saver, although I promise one day you'll see much more out of this blog than bulleted lists and half-nekkid pictures. One day...

- I've wrassled a raccoon to the ground and shown him who was boss.

Stories and pictures to come soon. I promise. Ciao!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The bulletin board says...

Psssst! I want to tell you something...

- The interview went well. Now I'm fretting over the Spanish translation test. Ay, Dios mio!
- My man M loves his new job. When I ask him what he does all day, he says, "tell people what to do and watch them do it." That's sexy.
- When I told my supervisor about my interview, she was not happy. That makes me want to tell her, "what the feck, lady?!!! Did you expect me to work one part-time job forever?!!!" Instead, I smiled and played nice all week, pretending to not notice the cold shoulder that I suspect she's told everyone to give me. Fuck 'em. The entire lot of 'em.
- I just made Hamburger Helper Beef Stroganoff for dinner and I must go now so I can eat it. Later I'm going to sift through my pics and choose an HNT photo to post tonight. I spent one very intimate hour this afternoon with my camera, only to be interrupted by room mate Big C, who came home from work early today. When I heard the garage door open, I gathered my clothes and ran to the bathroom, flashing back to ages 16 through 20, when I discovered the joys of nakedness and lived with my parents and whoever I was naked with lived with parents, too. Except this time no one was naked with me. Sigh.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

To answer your question, yes, I will have the chocolate platter and beer

So...yes, I've been away for nearly a week...

And yes, I have 35 minutes before I have to be at work and I'm not showered and powdered...

And yes, I'm wasting my precious, precious time to tell you this:

My man got a job!

And I'm beside myself with joy. It's like everything is thrown back into balance. I can stop worrying about EVERYTHING and just breathe. Yesterday I was told that our washer and dryer were going to be taken away because we're po' and can't afford to rent them. Big C, M and I have been sort of moping, looking at holes in our shoes, looking for old CDs and movies to sell because all of a sudden, we're so poor that we're like those smudgy-faced kids who hang out in front of pastry shops in old-world France or something and look in while rich ladies with white hats fan themselves and wrinkle their noses at the eye-sore that is us...

But no more! We can wipe our faces clean of po'ness and march right into those pastry shops and wrinkle OUR noses at those ladies and order the biggest platter of chocolatey richness...with a side of beer. Because we're American like that.