Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Home, etc.

1. I am so tired that I am keeping track of the light and deciding when is an appropriate time to turn in. Exhaustion City.
2. My room mate, D, likes it when I go grocery shopping. He told me on day when I came home with shredded sharp cheddar, Oreos, and "good" luncheon meat from the deli. This tickles me. I still know this is true because the Oreos are only two days old and half the bag is gone.
3. Speaking of room mates. There has been some discontent in our kitchen lately, as we have all been exercising, which turns us all into ravenous beasts when it comes time for dinner, but tonight has been okay in that they made dinner and shared, and I am for once not a ravenous beast, so all is calm in casa de Sch-mith-ton-dler (yes, we have named our household) as all the moons have somehow aligned and I have somehow exercised all my demons during the day, leaving nothing but an exhausted heap of a mildly content zombie to scrounge for leftovers.
4. We all know that I like farts. Thus, my disclaimer to this tidbit. When my godfather felt the urge coming on, he used to yell, "Birdcall!" and let it rip. I kind of miss that.
5. I am feeling a new song coming on. It's time.
6. I love, love, love "Prairie Home Companion." Really. The show's passable, but it's the music I truly love. I still stand by this: I hate country music. But dammit, there is a gem in every one of the shows in the guise of a steel-string guitar and lovely lady voice telling of mamas and papas and aunts and uncles. Fuck, it brings me to my knees every time.
7. Operation Six Pack is going strong. I have abstained from the fast food (for the most part), and have been good about exercise, but dammit if I'm not satisfied. More lines! MORE LINES! The belly button skin is stretched across the hole like seran wrap across a bowl, but I need to see more definition. As if every line defined each hour, every five miles I've put into this dang OSP, which has taken the place of my music obsession. I MUST make time for both. Balance.
8. I had a really good weekend. Really good. I won't bore you with the details, but everything I did exceeded my expectations: kick-ass concert, movie experience, lounging around, more lounging at the pool, jam session at my brother's, then the anti-climactic cherry experience on top with 1.5 hours at a lackluster jazz bar, complete with shots and service from the usual tired waitress and music talk. We always seem to talk about how music can be better somehow.
9. My favorite belt is on its last legs. Tre sad, my friends. I bought it at Wal-Mart for $7.99 or something crazy like that. It's plastic, and is British-flag-themed, and I am sad that there is a big crack where my favorite buckle hole is. Thus, time to retire the British flag Wal-Mart belt. Probably in four weeks or so. I must find a new favorite belt. Soon.
10. A vacation is in order very soon. I am planning to go to the hometown this month for some much-needed R&R. It will be epic.


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