Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Old list, renovated

Previously posted on another blog in another time (November 2004). Updates in red:

1. I’m a cat person.
2. But I just recently accepted dogs into my heart.
3. I need my parents more than I should.
4. I’m chronically late to everything.
5. I love music: jazz, cumbias, boleros, Cuban music, blues...
6. I play guitar.
7. I play the piano.
8. I sing my heart out every time I hear a song that touches me.
9. I can smell a phony a mile away.
10. I cuss, but I know it’s not ladylike. I cuss and I don't care that's it's not ladylike.
11. I didn’t try very hard in college.
12. I’ve never tried hard in my life. I started trying in 2006 or so.
13. My favorite place to be is on the front porch of my grandma’s house in Veracruz at 9 in the morning. Still is.
14. I have broken a couple of hearts and am sad to admit that.
15. I don’t drive standard.
16. I have split ends.
17. Imitation is my thing.
18. I understand that the world will always be fucked up.
19. I love the water.
20. Cloudy days depress me. Not anymore.
21. Sunny days inspire me.
22. I play at night.
23. I’m a magazine junkie. I'm an Internet junkie.
24. I love movies.
25. I hate liars.
26. I can be very passionate about things. No, not "can be" -- I AM very passionate about things.
27. My idea of fun is hanging out at the beach with my closest friends.
28. But I don’t do it enough.
29. I am self-critical.
30. I am anal about English grammar.
31. When I was 14, I wanted to be a model.
32. I am delusional.
33. I have two half sisters I wish I knew better.
34. I don’t reach out to people.
35. I love musicals – they convey a magical world in which everyone sings and lives happily ever after. Bah, they're overrated. Those bastards were all on blow.
36. I love seafood – I may suffer from high mercury levels.
37. 13 was a tough age for me.
38. So is 23. So were 25 and 26. 28 is pure sexual chocolate, though.
39. Spongebob Squarepants may just be the greatest show ever. Over it. But it will still hold a special place in my heart.
40. I haven’t had a nap since college. Ha! I nap at least twice a week.
41. Flip flops are my favorite shoes to wear. I've evolved. Vans is where it's at.
42. History fascinates me.
43. Most people annoy me.
44. Swallows are the most beautiful birds I’ve ever seen – acrobatic, blue and lively.
45. The thought of having children scares me. Still does.
46. I prefer e-mail to phone conversations.
47. I love fart jokes. Also, I love dick and sex jokes.
48. I am constantly looking for something better.
49. I will always be boy-crazy.
50. No matter how hard I try, I won’t ever understand physics. Yes, I can. I just don't care to.

Some things never change. But we can evolve over the course of 5 years. Just a little bit.

Here's an updated list. I won't make it to 100. Mostly because I hate you.

51. At 28, I think I finally have a clear path ahead of me. This might be a bit premature, but it might be better to say that I am more able now than ever to create an action plan and follow through. Even if that plan fails. Which makes shit more interesting in my opinion.
52. The older I get, the less I give a shit about the consequences of my actions or what I say. Not in the reckless way, but in the "fuck you, I do/say what I want" way. It's awesome.
53. This new "Me" list is getting complicated.
54. People are easy to talk to. Really easy.
55. High fiving kicks ass. I'm bringing high fiving back.
56. In addition to loving the eff out of seafood, I add sushi to that list. Holy hell, sushi is good.
57. I'm in a good mind space. Better than ever.
58. I have absolutely no problem being served. Whether in a restaurant or in my home, it is always preferable that you bring me that bowl of cereal or please...can you take my plate back to the kitchen since you're already up?
59. There is nothing wrong with beating a joke to death.
60. I hate politics talk.
61. I used to be really into photography, but I am bored of it at present.
62. I relieved that I'm not into photography anymore. Documenting everything you do is tiresome. Plus, it takes away from the experience.
63. I like going out for walks.
64. I really, really like cooking. Never thought I'd say that one.
65. Gossip is so wrong, but I love the shit out of it. Even if it gets you in trouble, it's totally worth it.
66. I'm okay with never growing up. It is totally fun to be infantile, delicately mixed with the ever-evolving joys of the natural wisdom that comes with age.
67. Wisdom is optional.
68. I used to wish for a writing job. Now I realize that I can do any old job and write whenever I want.
69. In the spirit of Point #69, I have to say this: Sex is good for you.
70. Speaking of sex, the sexiest body part(s) are the hands.
71. I was an English major and I hate to read books. Not a big surprise here. Books are boring, unless they are the Twilight series.

That's all you get for now. Stay tuned for the rest of the 100.


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